Why choose Wangda Vacuum Clay Brick Extruder Machine

Compared with solid (clay) brick machine, Wangda Vacuum Clay Brick Extruder Machine has a vacuum process on the structure: clay material mixed with water, the formation of viscous material. It can be molded into any shape of the required brick and tile body, that is, molding.

The brick and tile body forming process has two kinds of manual and mechanical. In view of manual molding, the extrusion pressure of raw materials is small, the body performance is not as good as mechanical molding, and the labor intensity is large, labor productivity is low, so this molding method has been replaced by mechanical molding.


Mechanical molding can be divided into extrusion molding and pressing molding two major categories. Compared with pressing molding, the advantages of extrusion molding: ① can produce a section shape more complex products; ② Can obtain higher productivity; ③ the equipment is simple, convenient operation and maintenance; ④ It is easy to change the shape and size of product section; ⑤ High performance products can be obtained by vacuum treatment.

With the rapid development of China's construction and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, new requirements are put forward for the variety and quality of sintered brick and tile products. In particular, in order to save the consumption of clay resources, reduce energy consumption, reduce the weight of the building, improve the physical properties of the wall and roof and improve the degree of mechanized construction, are gradually developing high hole rate hollow products, thermal insulation hollow block, color decorative brick and floor brick. The development of these new products requires the appropriate molding process and equipment.


General trend: forming equipment to large, high production direction.

In order to obtain a high quality body, in addition to strengthening the treatment of the raw material, the air contained in the mud must be extracted, because during the extrusion process, the air separates the raw material particles and does not combine well with each other. In order to get rid of the air in the mud, the air can be extracted by a vacuum pump in the process of extrusion molding, which is called vacuum treatment.

In addition to vacuum treatment, there is also a certain extrusion pressure, especially when the hollow body and tile body with lower water content are extruded, there should be a higher extrusion pressure.

Post time: Oct-09-2021